I'm Danielle

I help organizations make better decisions with data

Expert guidance

Step zero - align your team to a common goal. In my Leadership Alignment Workshop,  we gather your organization's leaders, and hash out exactly what we're working towards.
You'll leave with a document that clearly outlines what your next goal is and the next steps to move your team in the right direction with the right tools in place.

Auditing and reporting

Time to get obsessive about your data. Marketing is both an art and science but that science side is what drives solid, repeatable growth.
I dig through your tech stack to understand the data you have at your disposal. Once that map is in place, we can identify any gaps in the gathering or flow of data.

Roadmap for implementation

Clean and reliable data is the result of well documented and well-adhered-to processes. If you feel like you're shooting from the hip, it's time to define and document the best processes to keep your team on track.